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Buy your next car 100% online. Get instant upfront pricing on all our vehicles. Complete everything from the comfort of your home — without ever having to visit our dealership. Home delivery within {{rdgl.dealerPartner.delivery_radius}} miles.

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Step 1 Choose

Pick any model from our inventory, or build your own to get exactly what you want. A Jaguar Brand Ambassador will be there to answer any questions at every step.

Step 2 Pricing

Unlock our instant upfront pricing. We'll ensure you get the best possible lease or finance terms. If you have a trade-in we'll make you an instant cash offer on your car, truck or SUV.

Before you make any commitment, you’ll receive a deal sheet outlining every aspect of your purchase, including cash, finance, and lease alternatives.

Sample Deal Sheet

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Step 3 Trade-In

Get a firm offer within 3 business hours. Get a firm offer of the value of your trade-in within 3 business hours. We'll update your purchase with the best offer and notify you when it’s ready for your review. The offer is redeemable with or without the purchase of a new car.

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Step 4 Credit & Docs

Next, complete a credit application and upload a copy of your driver's license and a valid insurance card through our safe and secure online portal. Even for cash buyers, a short form is needed (federal requirement). This will allow us to provide you with a final deal sheet based on approved credit and purchase eligibility.

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Step 5 Final Review

To complete the purchase of your Jaguar, review the final deal sheet with numbers based on your approved credit. Once you accept the final deal, you are ready for your car!

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Step 6 Delivery

A Jaguar Delivery Specialist will bring your new Jaguar to your doorstep with all paperwork ready to sign. Schedule delivery at your home or office. We’ll help you set up your Bluetooth phone connection and walk through the features of your car. Alternatively, arrange a time to pick up your new car from our Jaguar Riverside dealership.

You’re all set. The Jaguar is yours! If you have a trade-in, we’ll collect that too.

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Our upfront pricing guarantee

For cars purchased through the Jaguar Riverside {{rdgl.dealerText.express_store}}, we guarantee 100% transparent and upfront pricing providing every detail of your purchase BEFORE you make any commitment — all without leaving your home or visiting our dealership.

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